the world SUCKS and YOU know it! OR If the world was a better place…WE wish!

Hello dear visitor.

Can we be friends?

That’s the first question one should ask oneself, when one meets a stranger.

That is, if one wishes for world peace.

Welcome to one of the sites for our society, the Society of Bur-q-ua. Another notable one is: Society Of Bur-q-ua

I’m sure you know already, that this world sucks and that some people inside of it doesn’t make it all any better.

Some people in this world, although sitting on the same train to eternity, are, for some yet to me unknown reason, going to make your life a complete and utter mess…over and over again!

How is it possible and why is it needed?

The Society of Bur-q-ua can’t understand that kind of behaviour, in short the behaviour to start WARS…whether it be in microcosm or in macrocosm.

The Society of Bur-q-ua can’t understand, but does its very best and outmost, to trying to  figure out, the  patterns that govern this world and especially the patterns of discrimination, war, etc.


One thought on “the world SUCKS and YOU know it! OR If the world was a better place…WE wish!


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